How to get started? 

 How does the online program work? 

Create an Account! Simply enter your name, email address, and choose a password! Then verify your accounts email address and your phone number through SMS. Doing this helps to keep your account super safe and secure! 

Make a Donation! Use PayPal to make a donation to our charity,“HED Group” (“HED”). When you donate you’ll receive complimentary points you can use to play the games and a complimentary Bingo Strip you can play at the River’s Edge Bingo physical hall. 

Play Games For Fun! Use your complimentary points to play any of Wild Ruby’s skill games!

Play Live Bingo! Use your complimentary Bingo Strip at the River’s Edge Bingo physical hall to play live paper based bingo for real money prizes. Every strip has three bingo cards on it with three chances to win a bonus bingo game.

How do I get complementary points to play?

You can make a donation to the charity by clicking on the “Donation” button on the main menu. After you complete the donation, the complimentary points will be added directly to your account! 

How do I donate?

To make a donation all you need to do is click on the “Donation” button on the website, select the amount you would like to donate, agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and click “Donate”. You will then be taken to a second screen where you can enter a donation match code if you have one and proceed to make your donation through PayPal!

Can I win real money? 

Once you are happy with your online play, head into the River’s Edge Bingo physical hall and play a live paper based bingo game for the option to win real cash prizes! 

When can I redeem my strips to play bingo?

Although River’s Edge is open 24/7, online redemptions run from Monday to Friday, from 2pm until 10pm! Make sure you get there a little early incase there are any issues! We don’t want you to miss out!

What devices can I play River’s Edge Online on? 

River’s Edge Online is available on a wide range of devices including all iPhone and android devices as well as desktop computers!

Can I install/download River’s Edge Online onto my devices?

Yes! Installing River’s Edge Online onto your smart devices is super easy!

On Android devices, click on “Add to Home Screen” from the menu and a prompt will allow you to add River’s Edge Bingo to your home screen.

On iOS you can open Safari’s “Share” menu by tapping the icon at the bottom of the screen, and then selecting “Add to Home Screen”. You may have to scroll the menu to see the “Add to Home Screen” option. 

On desktop computers, Chrome users can open the browser’s menu and select “Install River’s Edge Online”.

General questions

How are the spins calculated?  

All of our spins are completely random and all within the industry standards that you would find on any other online offering. We have no control over the wins and losses, this is all controlled behind the scenes. We believe everyone should have the same odds of winning and equally fair conditions. 

What is a skill check? 

As River’s Edge Online is a skill based gaming platform, with each win you receive a skill check will be presented, completing this is easy, all you need to do is click on the larger numbered dice and the points won will be added to your account! If you click the smaller number or the time runs out unfortunately the points will not be added to your account. 

How many games are there available to play?

There is a rotation of 15-18 Wild Ruby’s games available to play on River’s Edge Online, with feature updates and new games being frequently added. 

Can I have freeplay points?

We occasionally have freeplay points available. When we have any available we will send you an email letting you know all of the details. Be sure to check us out on social media as we occasionally have special promotions there. 


Are there any special rewards I can receive?

After creating your online account the team at River’s Edge online wants you to enjoy your time as much as possible. We frequently offer promotional deals including match play, free credits and other giveaways. 

Where can I get promotions/giveaways?                                                                              

We post all of our site wide promotions to our Facebook page! Make sure you are following this so you don‘t miss out! If you don’t use Facebook then be sure to check your emails on a regular basis because we will send them there as well!

Do you have a sign up bonus?

Send us a message through the online chat to see if you qualify for a bonus! 

I have referred other players, can I have some bonus points?

Although we don’t have a referral program just yet, if you do get your friend or family playing at River’s Edge Online, send us a message through the online chat to see if you qualify for a bonus!

Can I use more than one account? 

It is against our terms and conditions for an individual to have more than one account. If you do happen to have more than one please reach out to us via the online chat so we can resolve this. You will be unable to redeem at River’s Edge Bingo if you have more than one account. 

How do I enter a promo code?                                                                                   

We currently have two types of promo codes, match play codes and gift codes. To enter a match play code all you need to do is add the code exactly as shown (Usually all capital letters) in the promo code box! This can be found by clicking on the “Donation” screen, and then selecting the amount you would like to donate. You need to enter the code before completing the payment and it needs to say “You have a valid promo code” for it to work! To redeem a gift code all you need to do is enter the code exactly as displayed in the gift code field found in the “Account” section on the main menu (the three dots). Make sure you are entering the correct code in the correct place, if you enter a match code in a gift code field then it may not work when you try in the correct place.

My promo code is not working.

You need to enter the code exactly as stated for it to work and it needs to say “Valid Code” Make sure you are using all relevant capital letters and exact spelling. Also make sure there are no spaces before or after the code.

Can I delete/temporarily disable my account?

We take our responsible gaming practices very seriously. There are few different options and you the player can pick from the following on  what you want to do. 

  • Option 1 is a timed disable. Simply provide a specific timeframe you would like to be disabled for and we will stop your account for that period of time. EG: 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks ect. 
  • Option 2 is a request enable. This one means that we will disable your account until you are ready to come back on. With this option you will have to head into River’s Edge Bingo and fill out a short form to get your account re-enabled.
  • Option 3 is to permanently disable your account. With this option we will disable your account and never reactivate it under any circumstances.

Account details 

How old do I have to be to use River’s Edge online?

You have to be 21 years old or over to play online at River’s Edge Online.

I don’t want my name public.                                                                                      

Privacy is super important to us! We make sure none of your private information is shared publicly! You can add a nickname using the “Update Nickname” button on the home screen after you log in. You can also change an existing nickname through this setting. This nickname is what will be used on public platforms to announce winners and participants in the events and giveaways!

Someone I don’t know is using my account.                                                           

The first thing you need to do is update your password! Be sure not to share this with anyone and don’t keep your account logged in on your devices. If you believe your account has been compromised in any way please send us a message through the online chat with as many details as you can!

I forgot/want to update my password.                                                                         

When you go to log in there is an option that says Forgot Password click on this and you can change your password quickly and easily. 

Can I see any records of my games?                                                                       

You can see what games you have played and what donations you have made by looking in the “Player activity” tab on the main menu!

Technical problems

Why can’t I log in?

First make sure you are on and using the correct email and password, try closing the tab and clearing the cache. Also make sure you’re on the latest version of the web browser you are using (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.).

The games keep freezing.

Make sure River’s Edge Online is the only app open on your phone and check that you have a strong connection to the game before you play. Even if the game freezes it will still play your spin. To look at the spins you have done select the “Player activity” button on the main screen to double check your activity. Also clearing your cache occasionally can help. 

How do I clear my cache?  

After we update the site or if you haven’t played in a while you may find your device gets stuck on an older version and you aren’t able to play. To fix this issue all you need to do is clear your cache!

If you have an: ‍

Apple device– go into your Settings, click Safari and then tap clear history and website data. ‍

Android device– open the chrome app, tap the three dots at the top right, then tap History, Clear Browsing Data. You can choose the time rand or to delete everything using All Time. Tick the boxes next to Cookies and site data and Cached images and files. Then tap Clear data. Once you have done this you will get logged out of ANY site you were previously logged into so you will need to log back into and you should be up to date with the latest changes!

You can watch YouTube videos on how to do this by clicking the links below

Why can’t I make a donation?

First try logging out of your account, closing the website, and then logging back into This should allow you to make donations again.

My donation didn’t load.

If you made a donation and it hasn’t been added to your account please message the online chat saying what time you did the donation and the amount it was for. Please provide the transaction ID that is provided by PayPal. It’s also helpful to check your bank account because it often gets added back in there.

My points aren’t in my account.

Make sure you are on the website and logged in under the correct email address and using the correct password. Check your player activity on the main menu and you may find you have already used the credits.

I haven’t received my bonus points.

Make sure you are on and logged in under the correct email address and using the correct password. Check your player activity on the main menu and you may find you have already used the credits.

The site is down.

If you believe the site is down, the first step is to check your connection (WiFi issues are more common than you think). If the connection is set up and working (you are able to use the internet), the next best thing is to try and log off and wait for a min before trying again, if there is a major issue we will send out an email notifying you and another email when it is back up and running.

Can you help me pick the best game?  

We sure can! All our games are great, but it definitely helps to pick one for your playing style so you can have the best experience possible. We have certain games that are better for different players, whether you like small wins frequently or you’re willing to hold out for that massive win! Just send us a message through the online chat and let us know what you want out of a game!  

When will I be able to spin the wheel again?

The spin wheel will pop up every day so keep an eye out and check in regularly to find out when you’re eligible!